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Sandra Silvers is a real girl, who really likes being tied up. Simple as that. She's not a model, or a fetish professional. When Sandra was younger, she remembers being watching TV action or detective shows where the girlfriend of the hero or heroine of the story would be grabbed by the bad guy, and thoroughly tied up in a hideout and held for ransom. The girl was knowing there was something there that was drawing her in. Sandra would read stories and comic books in which the intrepid reporter would snoop too far and end up bound and gagged in various predicaments to await hero's arrival. These thoughts and images filled girl's fantasies. The more she absorbed, the more she realized the she wanted to be that hostage on the TV show, that reporter in the comic book.

Miss Silvers became an avid enthusiast of what in the bedroom is called Love Bondage. It's the kind of fun tying up where no one gets hurt, or humiliated or worse. But Sandra knew there was something more she wanted. She have since coined a new term: Loving Restraint. Loving Restraint is love bondage taken one step further out of the bedroom. Its love bondage with a story, in a cool location, with various clothing/costumes (or no clothing/costumes).

Being tied up tightly, tenderly and creatively is what Sandra Silvers craved, but she was constantly misunderstood. Trying her best to incorporate her interests into her relationships, Sandrs frequently scared partners away, because when she would ask them to tie her up they associated bondage with harder SM-related fetishes, which they didn't want to delve into. Or the opposite would happen, where a partner would think that because the girl was into being tied up, she must be into pain and SM. The lady would never judge or cast aspersions on anyone's fetishes (as long as they were consensual), but it was tough to explain, and still is, that she like to be tied up, but not hurt. You'd think it would be easy to explain, but trust her, with ever more extreme websites and modern torture-porn movies, its tough to get the point across.

So years ago, I was up one night trying to find some bondage erotica on-line to amuse myself with and realized that the Love Bondage/ Loving Restraint community was really under-represented on the web. With that in mind, I started this website for actual Love Bondage / Loving Restraint enthusiasts. Either practitioners or those that hope to be practitioners.

Her site is for those who are looking to introduce their significant other to a world of incredible fantasy and fun. Sandra's goal with that site is to produce a learning tool that a husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, who is interested in tying up their significant other but doesn't know how to bring it up, whether out of fear that they might scare their lover or friend away or just tired of the mainstream associating what they want with SM, can use to introduce the concept of bondage into their play.

This kind of play is something that when done right brings a couple closer together at all levels. Trusting someone enough to play in this manner is a sweet and sensual experience. For the master, the emotional rush that comes from the responsibility and reality of knowing that their lover truly trusts them with their most valuable possession, their body. And for the submissive, the bliss of knowing that they are ultimately, truly cherished, in that they gave themselves over to someone, who when given that total control couldn't and wouldn't take advantage of their power. Once within this kind of trusting relationship, the couple can engage in a healthy fantasy life full of experiences they never imagined fueled by imagination they had yet never experienced.

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Housewife is nicely roped on top of the chair: her sweater is cut with knife in order for her boobs to be exposed

Jan 15 for Sandra Bound

Ball-tied woman is hanging up in the air like a fruit: totally naked and gagged with duct tape

Jan 15 for Sandra Bound

Rope-tied plumper is posing wearing jeans in this scene

Jan 15 for Sandra Bound

Abductee tied to chair, she is bound and blindfolded with lots of duct tape, her blouse is unbuttoned and hooters are exposed

Sep 14 for Sandra Bound

Middle-age lady hogtied in the hotel room; dressed up in black lingerie and nylons

Sep 14 for Sandra Bound

Nude and frog-tied woman is in front of the big mirror - watching her helplessness

Sep 14 for Sandra Bound

Plu,per waitress bent over the table, bandaged and her skirt is lifted up

Sep 14 for Sandra Bound

MILF wearing black panties is on top of the table and there is a steel spreadbar placed in between her legs

Aug 14 for Sandra Bound

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