Sandra Bound review

We all know that there are two types of bondage models: those who acting and those who are true BDSM lovers. Sandra Silvers is definately from the second group.

Sandra Silvers is a real girl who loves being tied up. About 10 years ago she decided to share her bondage passion with people around the world and started her own site Sandra Bound. Since the year 2000 Sandra is adding picture galleries and movies to her site. During this period it has grown into the one of the most respected bondage sites on the internet, although Sandra does not call herself a professional bondage or fetish model.

Sandra Bound is not only about Sandra. Actually it is 50/50: half of the galleries show Sandra Silvers in bondage and the other half is about her mates. Most of the girls featured on site are amateur models, but there are some professional bondage superstars invited also. Currently there are 56 models available within member area. There is one common thing about Sandra mates v they are mostly in their middle age. So if you like mature or MILF bondage v Sandra Bound is defiantly a good choice.

As the most adult websites, Sandra Silvers updates her site once a week. There is a couple of bondage scenes added to the member area: each includes picture gallery and corresponding movie. Usually there is one gallery featuring Sandra and the second shows some other girl.

Most of the galleries have 20-60 pictures with resolution of 1000x700 pixels. Movies available it two resolutions: low (320x200) and high (640x480). Video files are of reasonable size (150-200Mb).

The good thing about Sandra Bound is that archives available for members. Each gallery/movie has its personal number and the latest story added was 745. It means that you have a plenty bondage to watch.

There is a complete update list available for guests with thumbnails and descriptions v so you can be sure of the site content before you join. You can use the link below to go Sandra Bound right now and check this great site for yourself!

Sandra Bound recent picture galleries

Housewife is nicely roped on top of the chair: her sweater is cut with knife in order for her boobs to be exposed

Jan 2015 starring: Sandra Silvers

Ball-tied woman is hanging up in the air like a fruit: totally naked and gagged with duct tape

Jan 2015 starring: Sandra Silvers

Rope-tied plumper is posing wearing jeans in this scene

Jan 2015 starring: Sandra Silvers

Abductee tied to chair, she is bound and blindfolded with lots of duct tape, her blouse is unbuttoned and hooters are exposed

Sep 2014 starring: Sandra Silvers

Middle-age lady hogtied in the hotel room; dressed up in black lingerie and nylons

Sep 2014 starring: Sandra Silvers

Nude and frog-tied woman is in front of the big mirror - watching her helplessness

Sep 2014 starring: Sandra Silvers

Plu,per waitress bent over the table, bandaged and her skirt is lifted up

Sep 2014 starring: Sandra Silvers

MILF wearing black panties is on top of the table and there is a steel spreadbar placed in between her legs

Aug 2014 starring: Sandra Silvers

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