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My review I would like to start with the sad fact: only a small number of lucky men happen to have girlfriends or wives who take pleasure in fetish clothing, bondage and that kind of stuff. This is the reason why the majority of guys are constantly browsing Internet in search of pictures and movies of less shy women with whom they could share kinky passions with. This is the exact point where sexy Saffy is out of competition: this beautiful lady has so many erotic passions and sexual power that she has to start her own website so everybody can enjoy them limitlessly.

The next logical step in review of would be to describe Saffy as a beautiful blonde in her middle 30-s who is being inspired a lot by the classic era of pinup art. There just a few people in the world of fetish currently who understand the classic meaning of the pinup term and Saffy is definitely one of them and the content of her website proves that perfectly!

Saffys Secrets mixes lots of fine fetishes so tightly so I can't speak about them one by one. It is only possible to discuss them in combination: in this case only you would feel that unique brand Saffy is building for years. Take lots of classy stockings and pantyhose posing; then add a great deal of high heel footwear to the mix. Next I have to tell you about all kinds of kinky outfits and uniforms Saffy loves wearing so much! Latex, a bit of leather, classic lingerie and silk blouses: these just a tiny bits of clothing kinky blonde entertains her visitors with!

Bondage is another important ingredient Saffy adds to her website Both types of action are widely presented on the website: Saffy is in bondage or Saffy is tying and punishing other girls as a dom. And since I've mentioned girlfriends, it is time to bring up the lesbian stuff up. Expect beautiful adult models like Jasmine Sinclair to join Saffy in her explorations of female sexuality. Rope tying, spanking, gagging and a whole load of other forms of domination and punishments Saffy and her mates are doing regularly.

Saffy Secrets review would not be full without mentioning the fact that all the movies and pictures for the website are being taken by professionals. Lightning, makeup and quality of images allows to be placed in the list of best fetish sites in the Net.

Saffys Secrets keeps up with modern technologies and delivers only the first-class quality content. Since beginning of 2010 they shoot movies in hi-resolution so you will not be disappointed with the video quality. Saffy does not position her website as picture of video. There are both: about 200 galleries and 200 movies inside to enjoy to.

Another great fact about I have to put I this review is its archives. Once in members area, you have full access to every single picture set and video since 2005 when the website was actually founded. Isn't that a great bonus to all other great news?

Resuming, I would say that is for those type of guys who is looking for a place to enjoy a company of open-minded female who take pleasure in all kinds of fetishes that have to do with pinup. Saffy takes stockings, high heels, uniforms and bondage then mixes them into an original and strong combination that will leave every male totally happy!

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Table-tied woman is fighting her bondage with only having white babydoll dress to cover her nudity

Aug 2012 starring: Sandra Silvers

Latex sluts

May 2010 starring: Saffy Mckenna

Mistress Saffy

May 2010 starring: Saffy Mckenna

Pantyhose secretary

May 2010 starring: Saffy Mckenna

Bound and gagged on a table

May 2010 starring: Saffy Mckenna

Pantyhose puppet bound

May 2010 starring: Saffy Mckenna

Jean bondage

May 2010 starring: Saffy Mckenna

Saffy McKenna in black leather

May 2010 starring: Saffy Mckenna

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