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About River Taylor

It is no wonder that female lingerie is one of the major fetishes. Looking at a beautiful woman that is wearing a kinky set on underwear is one of the finest things in the world! You can make it even more exiting by adding stockings or pantyhose and pair of high heels. This exactly what River Taylor does at her personal website!

River Taylor is very beautiful woman, who loves lingerie. River is a big fan of erotic posing and she shares her passion with people around the globe. Currently there are more than 180 picture galleries where this classy MILF is posing in all kinds of kinky wear. It is mostly sexy lingerie but there is a lot of other stuff, including latex or leather outfits, pantyhose, stockings and foot fetish. Each gallery has about 30-50 hi-resolution pictures so you'd be busy for a long time watching them all.

Except pictures there are a lot of interesting things located at River Taylor official website. The first thing that comes to my mind is a lot of nice foot fetish and smoking videos. You can also chat with River Taylor using built-in feature or browse through fan artworks.

Another cool feature that River provides - is ability to buy some of the lingerie she was actually wearing. Just use the special order form and you'll have smelly female panties delivered to your place in no time! How cool is that!

It is time to go to River Taylor website and enjoy a bunch of free previews! I hope you?ll like this sexy lady as much as I did!