Anastasia Pierce official site reviewed

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Anastasia Pierce is a well-known person for every BDSM fan. This hot Swiss babe is a world-famous adult model and performer. Making photoshoots and videos for most of the bondage and fetish sites on the Internet, she is also featured in many adult magazines.

Anastasia Pierce is a big fan of bondage, glamour and fetish. As an attractive woman, she is always pushing her limits in being sexy. Being a creative person, Anastasia uses her imagination in finding new ways of sexual satisfaction. The girl started an official site to share her fetish fantasies with people over the world.

Anastasia Pierce official site gives you an unique chance to take a close look at pornstar private life, take a peek at her kinky fetish adventures and share love for BDSM and bondage!

The member?s area of the site looks nice and it is easy to navigate. It is made in mostly in black and red colors, witch is normal for a BDSM and fetish site.

The main page of the site is mostly filled with news articles, including links to latest site additions, quotes form Anastasia Pierce blog and upcoming events announce (such as live shows).

Site has a number of big content areas. Those are Photos, Video, Live Events, Community and Stores. Let?s browse them one by one.


Ashley Renee official site review added

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Ashley Renee is one of the most honorable bondage models in the world. She started her career in adult industry over 20 years ago. For a long time Ashley was a hardcore model, before she found herself in BDSM. Dark hair, sexy body, natural breasts and passion to bondage and fetish made Ashley Renee one of the most recognizable models in the world of bondage.

As one of the leading bondage models in the industry, Ashley opened her official site in 1999. For almost 10 yeast this beautiful lady pleasures surfers with first class bondage and quality fetish.

Let?s take a closer look at Ashley Renee official site.

The site is done by professional designer. It is both: easy to navigate and looks good. The major colors are white and pink (that is normal for a female site).

The main page of the site has the date of latest update and links to major content areas. continue with review >>

Brand new site added: Public Disgrace review

Public Disgrace review

Public Disgrace in the newest creation of It is one of the most twisted and filthy sites I've ever seen. As you can see by its name, Public Disgrace is all about public humiliation, public bondage and public sex domination. The shooting crew had to move to Europe, because USA laws were too tight to shoot all the bizarre things the want to. All kinds of humiliation, bondage, caning, anal and oral fucking, slaves training: everything is made on public!

The shooting takes place in Romania(a nice country of the Eastern Europe). Most of the models featured on the site are beautiful Romanian girls. You'd probably have not heard their names before, but those girls are really beautiful. Some of the world-famous BDSM models are also made shooting for the site. read full Public Disgrace review >>

Ultimate Surrender review added

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Ultimate Surrender is not a BDSM site. But is has some features that make it very special for every BDSM fan.

Ultimate Surrender is an unique site that broadcasts the very special female sexual wrestling competition to the Internet. The winner girl in each wrestling round gets a chance to fuck the loser any way she wants!

The championship does not happen in a day or two. It takes a long time for girls to show their catfight skills. You can always be informed about competitors score and positions with official championship table, where all the information about female wrestling are gathered: names of the girls, number of their points and the fights schedule. There are about 30 beautiful sporty girls enters the competition at the beginning and only one will be the winner. All the rest of them are going to loose and be fucked sooner or later. read more >>