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Dec 2018 starring: Unknown

Unbuttoning the blouse is the first thing an abductor has to do when captivating yet another busty girl in bondage

Dec 2018 starring: Destiny

Tied up teacher tries many unsuccessful attempts to escape rope bondage but looking her shoes is the only result she got

Dec 2018 starring: Unknown

Tying hands over the head puts hot girl is a really uncomfortable pose with very little chances of escaping

Dec 2018 starring: Jill Valdisar

Captive damsel is there to pleasure us with sexy mini-dress, hot legs in stockings and nice cleavage

Nov 2018 starring: Rachael Lynn

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Nov 2018 starring: Lola Lynn

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Nov 2018 starring: Unknown

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Nov 2018 starring: Unknown

Barefoot captive cop girl is not only tied up with rope but also locked into her own handcuffs

Oct 2018 starring: Kendra James

Semi-naked abducted damsel has very low chances of escaping because her rope bondage is extremely tight

Oct 2018 starring: Unknown

Somebody tied sexy secretary to the chair and left her alone in some kind of basement

Oct 2018 starring: Amanda Kent

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Oct 2018 starring: Drea Morgan

Office redhead is fighting helplessly her bondage up to the point where she looses her high heel shoes

Aug 2018 starring: Kendra James

Bondage babe falls off the chair trying to escape extremely tight rope restraints

Aug 2018 starring: Unknown

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Aug 2018 starring: Sasha Fae