Christina Captured review

Christina Carter (without any doubts) is one of the most popular bondage models of present days. We've all seen this attractive middle-age lady posing in tight bonds and you can't ignore the fact the she looks just gorgeous.

Like many other BDSM pornstars Christina Carter is running her own website Christina Captured. It looks like her personal portfolio and since this MILF model is posing for many websites, there is a lot of interesting things hidden inside and the number of picture galleries and movies is growing rapidly.

Mostly Christina Captured is about sexy MILF, who enjoys bondage. Carter has a bit of both: submission and dominating. She likes to be tied up and like to be photographed but sometimes this lady enjoys punishing her lesbian mates.

Like any other bondage websites, Christina has a big picture area inside her members vault. Almost every set ever done by Carter can be found here: starting from the early ones and ending with the most recent. Pictures are is not only about BDSM and bondage: there are a lot of fetish pictures about kinky outfits (like bikini or uniforms), high heels, stockings and much more. These pictures are made by professional photographers: no amateur crap done with cheap cameras. Surfers are allowed to download and store pictures on their hard disks.

The next big area of the Christina Carter official website is the movies section. Normally every picture set has corresponding movies so there is a lot to watch! All videos are tagged so it is really easy to browse through the niches. Everything you've expecting to see from Christina is available on video: big tits, bondage, forced orgasms, girl on girl action, spanking, sex toys and even Wonder Woman fetish movies. The website is hosted on a fast server so expect these videos to download fast.

Another section of Christina Captured features some of the Carter's hottest girlfriends. Those girls are really hot, most of them are famous pornstars and checking out that area is a good idea.

There are 10 more sections prepared by Christina Carter inside the members area of her site. It would take me hours to describe them all. I hope you'll have a lot of happy hours browsing them all and downloading a lot of goodies there.

With Christina Carter official website you'll be always on the line with this sexy bondage model. Latest news about Christina, her hot pictures and finest movies will be delivered to your browser almost instantly. Stay in touch with world's hottest fetish MILF model by joining her website!

Christina Captured recent picture galleries

Elegant MILF is wearing sexy black lingerie and getting teased with crotch rope

Aug 2012 starring: Christina Carter

Horny lady is ready to jump off her naughty lingeries and entertain you with a naked dance

Aug 2012 starring: Christina Carter

Busty mom is tied with black ropes and gagged with cloth

Aug 2012 starring: Christina Carter

Woman bound and gagged while wearing everyday clothes

Aug 2012 starring: Christina Carter

Bondage babe with a crotch rope in her pussy is wearing blue corset and white nylon stockings

Aug 2012 starring: Christina Carter

Christina and her mate are handcuffed and semi-stripped at the backyard

Aug 2012 starring: Christina Carter

Table-tied secretary rolls in a very sexy manner trying to get rid of tight ropes

Aug 2012 starring: Christina Carter

Woman is tied to chair while wearing everyday clothes in an amateur-style bondage scene

Aug 2012 starring: Christina Carter

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