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Abduction is one of the classic bondage storyline scenarios. Captured Snapshots is all about beautiful young ladies captured by force, put in bondage, taken to a secret hideout and left there alone, helpless and semi-undressed. Just think of 150 hot teens bound, gagged and held for ransom? Very few things in this world can be as exciting than this! See more of those sexy young captives by following the link below! More than 110.000 quality bondage pictures and 60 hours of video are just one click ahead!

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Captive babe is dressed down to her lingerie, bandaged and wrapped in pantyhose to prevent her from running away

May 2014 starring: Amateur

One slut had abducted another and helding her for ransom

May 2014 starring: Amateur

Abductee posing in ropes with only lingerie and stockings to cover up her nudity

May 2014 starring: Paris Kennedy

Girl is committing crime abducting her mate in rope bondage

May 2014 starring: Amateur

Captive beauty tries to fight the ropes and runaway: getting her boobies exposed instead

Apr 2014 starring: Amateur

Looks like this hottie has been abducted while putting on her lingerie

Apr 2014 starring: Paris Kennedy

Woman is very upset about being bandaged and tape gagged by some criminals

Apr 2014 starring: Amateur

Right-nex-door girl has to spent countless hours in bondage until saved b y cops

Apr 2014 starring: Amateur

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