Rain Degrey profile

Measurements: 34-28-38
Weight: 123
Height: 5'8

Rain Degre's application to the Kink: "I am interested in working for wired pussy, device bondage, whipped ass or hogtied. I am submitting this application in part because princess donna of wired pussy has expressed interest in working with me. I am in the lifestyle and a RAGING painslut. As in raging. As in please break me until I am a limp puddle of bruised flesh. I am very pale and can bruise on camera. Given a good caning or flogging, bruises will start to form in 10 to 15 mins. I am a fetish model and have done videos for Madame S and performed at the SF Fetish Ball."

Rain Degrey recent BDSM pictures

Mother is riding wooden pony naked, shackled, collared with steel and gagged with electric tape

Apr 15 for Infernal Restraints

MILF in the middle of her BDSM training: dildo-fucked when tied to bed and subjected to upside-down water dipping torture

Jan 15 for Real-time Bondage

Slutty MILF is caged: stripping down and binding herself following master command

Dec 14 for Real-time Bondage

Tormenting slutty mother in all kinds of bizarre BDSM suspensions

Dec 14 for HardTied

Bandaged mother is gasping of air because of extreme strappado pose she is put in and excessive throat-fucking

Nov 14 for Sexually Broken

MILF and her younger mate are both tortured in the BDSM chamber where nobody could hear their screams

Oct 14 for Real-time Bondage

Woman is having fun riding massive sex toy and sucking cock being crucified with wooden plank

Oct 14 for Real-time Bondage

Original BDSM rack makes women's holes perfectly exposed for the cock invasion

Sep 14 for Sexually Broken

Rain Degrey latest BDSM movies

Using BDSM tools made from tubes and chains to put nude mum into suspensions and stretches

Jun 14 for Device Bondage

Breaking the nude woman with full-force rope bondage and continuous sexual tease

Mar 14 for Sadistic Rope

MILF with silicone tits meets the professional bondage rigger and suffers lots of pain

Aug 13 for Sadistic Rope

Rain Degre knows under that beneath wide eyes and delicate features of Katharine Cane lurks a slut and today she is going to bring it out

Aug 13 for HardTied

For Rain Degre this fantasy does not end in smiles. She came to PD because she wanted him to lay her bare and that is what she has gotten

Jul 13 for HardTied

Rain Degre and Natassia Dreams are having a competition. Whoever sucks the best cock is going to get a double helping of giving head

Jul 13 for Sexually Broken