Nicki Blue profile

  • Years Active: Started at 2011
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Hair Color: RedHead/Blonde
  • Measurements: 32B-24-32
  • Height: 5 feet, 5 inches
  • Weight: 110 lbs
  • Also known as: Aaliyah Avatari
  • Scene Role: Switch
  • Sexual Role: Versatile

Nicki Blue's BDSM Limits:

  • Penetration: Anal penetration.
  • Female Contact: Full intercourse is ok.
  • Male Contact: Giving or receiving oral sex is ok.
  • Bondage: I can be tied up in suspension bondage.
  • Pain: I am a pain slut. I will have a safeword.

BDSM Queens comments: Nicki Blue has been deflowered of her vaginal virginity at Jan 20, 2011 at The Upper Floor BDSM party to 1 of 3 lucky men. These men were selected by her, and she gives UpperFloor's members the privilege of choosing which man will be bestowed with that honor. This party was broadcasted live on the internet. You may see a small part of it here.

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Hot Hailey and Nicki

Oct 11 for Infernal Restraints

Hey Nicki, Shut up

Oct 11 for Infernal Restraints

Nicki Blue bound and fucked by the Massage Creep!

Aug 11 for Fucking Dungeon

Nicki Loses Her Dignity

Aug 11 for Infernal Restraints

Nicki Blue fucked by massage creep

Jul 11 for Fucking Dungeon

Nicki Blue bondage penetration

Jul 11 for Society SM

Nicki Handles Morning Wood

Jul 11 for Infernal Restraints

Take One for the Team

Jun 11 for Sex And Submission

Nicki Blue latest BDSM movies

If Nicki is going to spend so much time bitchin, then PD is going to give her something to complain about. He has a no patience for her shit

Aug 13 for Infernal Restraints

Nicki Blue wakes up in the morning to a screeching alarm and a job to do. She better make sure that PD wakes up with a smile on his face

Jun 13 for Infernal Restraints

Nicki Blue is about to learn the true meaning of sadistic bondage. She has no clue what we are capable of, yet, but she is going to learn

May 13 for Real-time Bondage

The days PD just wants a set of holes are the easiest days in a slaves life. Just follow instructions and they can avoid the punishments

May 13 for Infernal Restraints

Nicki likes to think of herself as a performer so we gave her the chance to strut her stuff for the members. They are going to make her put on one hell of a show It is a humiliating display, but what was she really expecting

May 13 for Real-time Bondage

Nicki Blue has nothing left to give PD except her tears and her service. He has stripped away her clothes and next will come her dignity

Apr 13 for Infernal Restraints