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Nude woman is restrained with nothing more than just plain bondage rope

Feb 13 for Real-time Bondage

Latex lady is all wet under the shower and her neck is strangled with a thin leather stripe

Feb 13 for HardTied

Nude sub is kept with her legs spread on top of BDSM rack while her nipples are being electrified

Jan 13 for Real-time Bondage

Slavegirl loses her latex outfit and then getting tied up with thin leather ropes

Dec 12 for Infernal Restraints

The head of this slaveslut in locked in a steel cage after giving up a bondage blowjob

Nov 12 for Infernal Restraints

Head mask and heavy steel restraints for cocksucking BDSM slut

Nov 12 for Real-time Bondage

Undressed woman is crucified helplessly on the huge cross

Oct 12 for HardTied

Amateur slave is forced to carry wooden cross to the woods where she is going to be crucified on

Oct 12 for HardTied

Marina latest BDSM movies

No one likes solicitors. PD is no exception

Sep 13 for HardTied

Marina has a tendency to moan. Whether she is wracked with pain or in the throes of an amazing orgasm, she is much less a screamer and much more a moaner

Aug 13 for HardTied

Marina likes to be thought of and treated like a worthless cunt but PD finds value in everyone. Her value is in the pleasure she gives

Aug 13 for Infernal Restraints

When the live feeds get into full swing it is hard to describe the energy. We just sweep Marina seamlessly from one torment to the next

Aug 13 for Real-time Bondage

Before Marina gets wet and clean we make sure she feels nice and dirty. Her sexy latex outfit makes the perfect holster for our vibrator

Aug 13 for HardTied

Marina knows everything about bondage is worse hanging upside-down so when Sister Dee gets a new inversion table Marina signs right up

May 13 for Infernal Restraints