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"I am a BDSM/Fetish model who is slowly but surely breaking her way into the "vanilla" adult world.

I grew up here in Los Angeles and have done a bit of traveling- Korea and Italy being the two most noteable places. There is no place like Venice, a good glass of wine and good company. Korea--well, the shopping is great.

I just sort of stumbled into this whole porn thing. Who can say no? Sex whenever, however and wherever I want it! Can anyone name any better job? I think not!

I am still rather new, which is why there aren't that many pics--which serves to your benefit--for now you can look at my fine ass for free! LOL! As long as you promise to be a fan and stop by often! "

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BDSM sluts are doing each other on master's command

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Master is having the unlimited access to spread-bound slave's ass

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Woman is spread-eagled on the piece of plywood and her pussy is teased with sex toy

May 13 for Inescapable Bondage

Naked woman is wearing super heavy metallic collar and her legs are kept spread with leather cuffs

Apr 13 for Inescapable Bondage

Busty Karrlie is gagged and restrained

Apr 09 for Fucking Dungeon

Big tit submission

Jan 09 for Society SM

Fresh talent dominated

Jan 09 for ChantasBitches

Working For Orgasms

Dec 08 for Fucked and Bound

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Ivy LOVES sever Bamboo bondage

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