Claire Adams profile

  • Birthday: November 11th
  • Height: 5'4
  • Hair: Redhead
  • Eyes: Hazel
  • Measurements: 34B-26-36
  • Shoe Size: 7 1/2
  • Sexual Orientation: Queer
  • Status: Owned by Master Damon Pierce
  • Type of Ownership: 24/7 - Master/slave

Claire Adams describes herself:

I am a sadistic switch, in a 24/7 Master/slave relationship. I am queer. I am a bondage slut, and I will never stop being a pervert :) I have experience, educate, and enjoy being a bondage fetishist! I have lots of names and faces: Claire Adams, az, Gord Girl' Pick what you like, I'll answer to any!

I have been interested in things of an exquisitely kinky nature from early childhood. Having only my imagination and no peripheral sexual imagery, I started working on devious plots for my Barbie dolls. Like so many of us, I intuitively knew the fantasies I was enacting with my Barbie's were my little secret and not to be shared with anyone.

My expertise is vast in my life's passion and work of:

  • Bondage Rigging
  • Extreme Bondage Modeling
  • Directing for Bondage Films
  • BDSM Education & Performance
  • Hook Suspension
  • Fucking Women

Don't we all like dirty little secrets?

Once I was legal to be publicly devious, the quest to explore/exploit my desires and fantasies with others started taking shape. Somewhere inside of my kinky Claire brain was the intuitive confidence that I could succeed at bondage work and furthermore, would probably really like it. I believe this calm internal drive and desire for challenge is what has enabled me to be in and enjoy the most challenging and difficult bondage positions out there.

I am a lover of pain, bondage, endurance, literally the sport of bondage as well as the eroticism of discomfort- let alone the psychological aspects that all activities in this arena present. I can only hope that you enjoy what imagery I can present for you with as much pleasure it has brought me to create it for you.

Claire Adams recent BDSM pictures

It is easy to tease pussy with vibrator when the subgirl is suspended with bondage ropes with her legs spread

Feb 18 for Bondage Auditions

BDSM session begins with tits clamping and strict hogtie pose for the redhead submissive

Dec 17 for Bondage Auditions

Master put naked bondage girl into bathtub and dunking her face under water

Feb 17 for Bondage Auditions

The process of putting topless redhead into the hogtie and clamping her breasts with clothespegs

Sep 16 for Bondage Auditions

Naked redhead is enjoying classic Japanese-style shibari bondage suspension

Jul 16 for Bondage Auditions

Duct-tape bound girl is wearing clothespegs on her boobies

May 16 for Bondage Auditions

Bondage ropes are used for putting girl in poses only ballet dancers can take

Oct 15 for Bondage Auditions

Mummification of a girl with lots of plastic tape and sex toy tease

Feb 15 for Bondage Auditions

Claire Adams latest BDSM movies

There are probably ways Sasha could have avoided this fate. Whatever she did to Claire Adams to piss her off, she regrets it already

Sep 13 for HardTied

Contorted Claire Adams has earned more than a few bruises today and now may be time for her to have a little reward, if she can handle it.

Sep 13 for Real-time Bondage

When 412 got a new job she decided to hang out with Claire Adams and celebrate. She seemed surprised when the celebration turns carnal

Aug 13 for HardTied

Most people consider alarm clocks to be a necessary annoyance. Most people are not Claire Adams

Aug 13 for Infernal Restraints

There is no air of affection when PD decides he wants something from Claire Adams. This is not some romantic rendezvous

Jul 13 for Infernal Restraints

Claire Adams confesses a deep desire to be bound so tightly she cannot move so PD turns her into a circus-freak fuck-doll like none other

Jul 13 for Real-time Bondage