Calico profile

  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Auburn
  • Measurements: 34c-26-34
  • Favorite Sex Position: Reverse Cowgirl
  • Favorite BDSM Position: Suspended

Calico is a well known fetish model, she has a really glamorous style to her and a wonderful body.

Calico recent BDSM pictures

Kneeling girl is hogtied with BDSM crossbar and then fucked with machine doggy style

Aug 17 for Bondage Auditions

Redhead girl is hogtied with ropes and duct tapes then teased with tickling

Jan 16 for Bondage Auditions

Naked redhead looks very kinky when put in wooden stocks, ball-gagged and wearing spiked collar

Nov 15 for Bondage Auditions

Hogtied babe is going to spend many minutes with the vibrating sex toy in close contact with her clitor

Aug 14 for Bondage Auditions

Master is playing with the sub while she is hogtied with a steel crossbar

Jun 14 for Bondage Auditions

Roped girl is getting wet when master pours water all over her head

May 14 for Bondage Auditions

Nude girl enjoys the way rope restraints are tounching her skin

Dec 13 for Bondage Auditions

So much fun you can have with a submissive girl, set of leather cuffs and a wooden post

Dec 13 for Infernal Restraints

Calico latest BDSM movies

PD is transporting his prisoner out to his private farm. You may not be able to tell through the hood, but Calico is actually quite excited

Aug 13 for Infernal Restraints

Calico got pinched for being a street walker, but that is the least of her worries once Sister Dee gets her down to the interrogation room

May 13 for Infernal Restraints

Everyone loves fucking with Calico so much that SD and PD decide to share her. Together they take advantage of her in so many ways

May 13 for Infernal Restraints

Claire Adams is a hot star with a mean streak a mile long. When she gets her hands on the equally sexy Calico she finds every fear and turn-on, then uses them all against her

Feb 13 for HardTied

Calico is too pretty for her own good. Her looks may have been an asset out the outside, but with PD it means he just have to hurt her more

Feb 13 for Infernal Restraints

Fucking with Calico is like playing an instrument. She makes so many glorious sounds that PD and SD have to play a symphony on her ass

Feb 13 for Infernal Restraints